A glance into the nuanced and problematic history of Asian America


Sadly, many Asian-Americans are not taught their own history in public education. The classroom omits historic Asian American injustices — a white supremacist tactic to silence our voices and divide minorities to promote an anti-black agenda. The history of modern Asian America can best be centered with the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. It abolished the National Origins Formula which limited immigration populations to only 2% of the American population starting in 1921.


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“Let’s talk about this!”

I hear that phrase, quite honestly, every 3–4 videos. A stream of hot takes and woke commentary flood my For You Page as TikTok curates a multi-faceted discourse on topics ranging from cultural appropriation to cleaning products.

And at first, I felt validated. I felt connected to a greater community of BIPOC and angry class-conscious young students. There were so many creators from different areas of study that had amazing, beautiful language for their topic of interest. Sociology majors were breaking down marxism. Asian American Studies majors dissected racial triangulation. Women and Gender Studies majors brought…

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There once was a crawfish, named Cajun. He was born in an old town in Canada before moving to the city of New Orleans. Though he wasn’t necessarily the most well-liked fella in the city, Cajun was liked by other Acadians from Canada plenty. Cajun knew how to make food. He made the best food he could and perfected his craft. Cajun spent years in the kitchen serving mostly Acadians, until one fateful day when a local sat themselves down — curious about what the commotion was about. …

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When I was 12 years old, I went to my parent’s factory job to staple stacks of paper. In exchange for the compilation of different sized and colored papers, I was paid $10 a day. I only went to work on Saturday’s so after a month, I was able to buy Pokemon Black with my own money.

At age 14, I began to work 50 hours a week for money under the table. It was summer, and I was saving up for a trip to Los Angeles later that year.

At age 16, I bumped my summer shifts to 60…

Brian Le

Trying to find a new hobby because I couldn’t bake bread

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